Missing A Dose of Meds

I still do not have a new psychiatrist to help me manage medications. I will be honest that I haven't looked into finding one as much as I probably should. However, my brain can only process so much in one day and most of my mental energy is given to work. Until recently I was …

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I’m Still Here

I haven't been writing because I have been having physical pain in my hands and wrists typing. Might be carpal tunnel. Not sure. I've also been a bit groggy with my new meds too making normally easy tasks a bit harder. Mentally I am much better 🙂 Just wanted to check in with everyone. Happy …

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I'm currently sitting in the hospital (ER) waiting on some blood work and EKG results due to the recent problems I've been experiencing in my body. Mentally I'm in a good spot, but physically not so much. Anyways, there are two mental illness patients here. Both females. One is in lock down in a chair …

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